Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

As children we have grown up listening to songs and stories about Santa Claus, who goes from house to house in a sleigh on Christmas eve leaving presents for children. Santa symbolizes Christmas, a time for good tidings and merriment.

Christmas is a festival celebrated the world over honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. Since Christmas signifies cheer and goodness it is celebrated by one and all. It is that one time of the year when families and friends get together.

Exchanging gifts on Christmas is customary and this concept has been passed down from generation to generation. Everybody celebrates Christmas by exchanging gifts with their family, friends and colleagues. So let's give some thought to unique Christmas gift exchange ideas.

Purchasing Christmas gifts:

Since Christmas signifies the spread of joy and happiness, it is a good idea to purchase artifacts and gift items created by the beneficiaries of non profit organizations - NGOs. The joy of gifting is different when one can support a cause by giving some social organization the financial benefit of the money you would have otherwise spent purchasing gifts from a retail store. In India there are many NGOs that offer this service. They run their own gifting stores wherein the products are handmade and can be personalized. These gift products are made by their members who could be blind, deaf and mute, mentally or physically challenged, terminally ill, widows, orphans, rape victims, abused children and the list is endless. The purpose of buying Christmas gifts in this manner is dual. Firstly you make your loved ones feel special by buying them a unique personalized handmade present, whose value is unmatchable to common gifts available off the shelf in stores. Secondly you spread the message of being socially responsive by extending your hand to promote a social cause.

Exchanging Christmas gifts:

Most people enjoy sitting in front of their Christmas trees in the confines of their cozy homes, exchanging presents with their loved ones. One can try being different by spending Christmas eve at an orphanage, old age home or a hospital exchanging gifts with the inmates, playing the role as their loved ones just for that one day. After all Christmas is about spreading joy and happiness and what greater way to do the same than make a small yet significant difference to the lives of the underprivileged bringing that smile to their face.