Christmas Gift Food

A good way to show someone that you appreciate them and love them is to gift them a Christmas gift from the heart and perhaps your very own kitchen. If you have a Christmas gift budget that doesn't include enough money for gifts for everyone you would like to get Christmas gifts for you can make your own.

Choose a favourite Christmas or holiday collection of recipes, preferably ones that can be made ahead of time. Choose recipes that make large quantities if you have a lot of people on your list. Quick and cheap gifts include: cookies, spiced nuts, cocoa mixes, desert sauces, fudge, and brownies. Prepare the recipe according to the amount of gift recipient's you will need it for. After you have made all of your goodies, wrap them nice and pretty, you can use decorated saran wrap or decorated sandwich bags. You can purchase cellophane bags just for this purpose as well. Your local dollar store should carry all of these for your convenience. This is a good store to look for ribbon and bows, too. You can get creative in your decorations to make a good impression. Matching ribbons and bows always look nice. If you have a large amount of food gifts to give out you may want to consider purchasing plain brown bags and decorating them with ink stamps, then decorating them with ribbon and placing a tag on it with ribbon or a bow.

You can make homemade breads to give as food gifts as well if you prefer Cranberry bread, banana nut bread, pumpkin bread, Danish cringle, cinnamon bread all make great Christmas food gifts. They can be wrapped in the Christmas decorated plastic wrap and then simply tied with a bow.

Perhaps you have a sweet and salty person you need to create a food gift for. You can make your own sugar glazed pecans, pretzel turtles, or chocolate covered pretzels. Or maybe you would prefer to make gift food jars. Purchase canning jars, preferably wide mouth jars, put ingredients in one at a time like the sugar, then the flour, then chocolate chips, and then brown sugar, you will want to only put in the dry ingredients. Tamp the jar after each ingredient is added and don't tip the jar. Fill it to the top with all of the ingredients then put on the lid and tie a ribbon around it. Make a tag that includes the entire recipe and baking instructions, so that the recipient only has to add the wet ingredients and mix and bake. These are very nice Christmas food gifts and it doesn't take much to go a long way.