Christmas Gift Idea

I love to shop for Christmas but I never like the way it breaks my bank. By January first of each year I always seemed to be cleaned out and a few years ago I decided to do something about it. I started compiling a list of inexpensive gift ideas that were still nice and had a bit of originality to them. There never seems to be enough money to go around, especially these days and any way that you can find to save a little will be great.

These gift ideas will work for any occasion and I have used them year round but they are especially valuable during the Christmas season when so many gifts have to be purchased. The best way to start is to ask yourself what gifts are inexpensive and how you can find something similar without looking cheap. The first thing that the recipient sees is the gift wrapping. If you are planning an inexpensive gift you want to consider having it wrapped very nicely with an attractive bow and expensive looking wrapping paper. Another idea is using a gift basket filled with inexpensive gifts or even handmade items. The best gifts are those that are given with the person in mind. Here are a few ideas.

* If you gift recipient is fond of coffee a couple of pounds of gourmet coffee and a personal coffee cup are a great idea. It includes something they can get immediate enjoyment of and they will have the cup to remember you by. A spin off on this idea is a teacup and a box or two of good herbal tea.

* If they have children then consider getting a piece of the child?s artwork and having it handsomely framed. This is a gift that will go straight to the heart of any parent.

* Home baked items are also wonderful gift ideas. You can bake special breads, cookies with the recipients name on them or even other baked goods like casseroles or meats. Everyone likes good food and baked goods are a great idea for a present.

* One of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas are gift certificates. I try to keep my spending on each gift to under $10 so I usually stick to tickets of one type or another. If they are good movies that you know they want to see, get tickets. Concerts and sporting events are another idea.

Shopping for Christmas gifts does not have to an expensive task if you use your imagination and make your gift thoughtful and designed especially for the receiver.