Christmas Gift Wrap Paper

Christmas is the time of year when gifts are exchanged between members of family and friends. Young and old both delight in giving and receiving gifts at this time of year. A gift enhances the atmosphere of the season and embodies a festive air which is infectious to all around. It is a season of carefree holidays celebrated by almost everyone irrespective of their faith or religion. Children are the most captivated at receiving a gift from Santa Clause and especially when they are specially wrapped in glitzy Christmas gift wrap paper.

A gift is made to look special by the way it is gift wrapped. There are even companies set up who specializes in gift wrapping giving a gift a professionally wrapped appearance and adding value to what's within. Very often the Christmas gift wrap paper is made of metallic, cellophane that is plain or printed, hand crafted paper with an unique texture all its own, or simply newsprint which has been painted over with Christmas messages and designs. A finish to the wrapping is made with a ribbon, raffia, and topped off with a designer rosette or a bow. These bows and rosettes can also be purchased separately. The ribbons that's used to finish off the wrapping sometimes is in both paper and silk and can be printed or plain. Even jute and cord is used.

A variety of Christmas gift wrap paper is available in the market to choose from with delightful prints depicting the scenes and motifs special to the Christmas season of giving. Designs can be seen in themes suitable for wrapping children's gifts, that may show figures of teddy bears, Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, bells, Christmas scenes of snow covered trees and scenic old fashioned houses and people, churches with imposing spires all covered in snow. Some designs for Christmas gift wrap paper can include artistic designs of snowflakes, decorated bells, and stars, Christmas trees decorated with gifts and ornaments and a host of themes.

Some Christmas gift wrap paper is specially designed with scenes that explain and bring to mind the very harsh conditions of the birth of Jesus that no other person was subjected to at a birth of an infant. The cold, snow covered farm shed, with only the warmth of the animals and manger made of straw where the infant was laid and the shepherds were his only guests till the Three Kings -- Caspar or Kaspar or Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar was brought to the baby Jesus, guided by the North Star to the scene.