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Christmas Hand Made Gift Ideas

The trend during Christmas is usually to "shop till you drop". This has made Christmas an expensive occasion yet it needs not be so. Handmade gifts are inexpensive yet they convey thoughtfulness and warmth to the person to whom they are sent. Following are some Christmas handmade gift ideas.

1. Poems/ cards: One may decide to write up a poem to give to someone else for Christmas. It should capture the Christmas spirit yet remain enough for the one it is intended to reach. Also, one may decide to do a card using calligraphy. Ideas can be got from a calligraphy book that can be available from a library.

2. Food Basket: This is another thoughtful gift. One may choose to either give a breakfast, lunch or dinner basket. For a breakfast basket for instance, one may use a mixing bowl/ gift basket, line it with placemats or pretty hand towels then fill it with niceties. Some coffee or an instant beverage drink, sausages, pancakes, apple muffin mix and a jar of some homemade jam are some of the things that can be put in this basket. The food basket should be wrapped up attractively and delivered with a small note.

3. Keepsake Photo Collection: This is another one of the Christmas handmade gift ideas. It would make an ideal gift especially for women. One may get pictures from friends and relatives. This should preferably be photos that the intended recipient has never seen or has not seen in a long time. The photos are scanned and copies made, then put in a large collage frame. This when wrapped with a big ribbon bow would be just the perfect gift.

4. Private tutoring: Now this is among the best Christmas hand made gift ideas worth your consideration. One may arrange for the recipient to be taught a skill by a mentor. For example, the recipient may have a desire to learn how to make a Chinese dish or use a certain machine. An arrangement may be made for a mentor to voluntarily offer lessons say in four or five sessions. The volunteer should be appreciated for their favor

The just outlined Christmas handmade gifts ideas are few but nevertheless would make a whole lot of a difference especially during hard economic times. There is no excuse for not sending a thoughtful Christmas gift every year.