Cool Wedding Gifts

Gifts for the special day! Getting a hard time on deciding what to present them on their special day, it's always been difficult to think for the perfect gift for them. May they be your friends, your siblings or just someone you know...One of the best things to gift would be a handy cam, so that they can capture all their special moments? Handy cams are not very expensive also that you would have think a lot before getting it. A personalized photo-frame would also be a good idea. Photos are the best ways to capture memories and preserving them forever.

Watches are timeless; getting couple watch is also a cool idea to surprise them with. Brands like D&G, DKNY etc would be good enough. Smell something good!!What perfume is it? Is it Ja'dore from Dior that what she is wearing? Amazing, Scents or perfumes are classy pieces too ladies love it on themselves and on their men too.

Electronics is another great idea which will definitely help them to get started with their new house or apartment in starting the brand new chapter in life, electronics like an electronic photo- frame, a foot massager, a 32" plasma T.V and the list goes on and on. Even showpieces are good options for gifting as wedding gifts a vase or a center piece would be a good idea also. If the couple has only one working person and love pets then gifting a small little puppy or a kitten is also cute.

Gold coins are grand gifts to make the occasion even more grand and special as everyone has coins but gold coins, think about it. A Mont Blank couple pen set? If they are both working its classy and useful. Flowers are for all occasions. Different colors, different flowers convey different messages. So try telling them how special they are by getting them the best flowers.

Quick ideas for cool wedding gifts

Personalized cake toppers to make the cake special and very different from any other

Wedding Afghans

Personalized pillow set

Personalized quilt

Personalized game

Personalized home slipper pairs

Chocolate body paint's

Gift vouchers

Hugs and kisses scented soaps

Our wedding day play cards

Wedding bubble bath