Corporate Holiday Gift Baskets

Nowadays, it is easy to get gift baskets not only from the store but also online. So if you are looking for a nice gift basket to send a boss or a coworker, there are many different kinds to choose from. It just becomes a matter of what you think you friend or coworker or boss or executive might like to receive this season of giving.

For example, there is a gourmet basket. That would be a large basket full to the brim of gourmet food stuffs--usually branded and very well packaged for the holiday season. It would have Italian chocolates and candies of all kinds (and usually the branded famous kinds) with gourmet twists like chocolate and hazelnuts, latte truffles, chocolate covered graham, toffee popcorn and mint puffs, and then it would also have caviar, smoked salmon (gourmet staples) along with something handy to use around the house, say like a chopping board or a steak knife set. It is both food and utility. There is also the professional basket like the ones with bonbons, tiramisu, toffees and other sweet things, with a smattering of especially iced flavored cookies, salty pretzels and other tasty treats. For a truly classy corporate gift basket, go gourmet all the way with things like caramel sauce in a jar, very expensive ground coffee, with mixes like white cappuccino and Italian espresso, and then throw in a touch of business class by making the ribbon personalized with your name as the giver as well as the name of the sender. It is all about presentation, after all, just like in business proposals. Sometimes some baskets go all the way as towers and towers of fine foods with useful things like small trunks for keepsakes, pens, notepad and the like, all of which will serve to remind the receiver of the pleasant gift he or she received from the giver. There are also baskets which involve the basic drinks that are commonly seen in the office--but with a twist. Special chai latte mixes tossed in with jars of the best coffee from Tuscany, your basic Earl Gray tea and even some tea cake to go with it, and other delightful stuffs that can be consumed in the office.

All you need to do now is decide on which basket is best to give whom and surely, with such a classy, elegant present, you are bound to catch their eye and appreciation for the exquisite gift basket.