Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Time passes by so fast doesn't it? Before you know it, it will be your wedding anniversary soon. This year will be marked as your second year together as husband and wife. Now, what does one usually give? If you're going for the traditional approach then cotton is the answer.

It's already a given that there's a wide selection of cotton products. Ready to be given away as an anniversary present. First though you will need to think of an item that would, in your opinion and judgment please your spouse. After all, your second year wedding anniversary only comes but once in a lifetime. So it is imperative that the cotton gift wouldn't simply be a "something" but an "everything" in the sense that it does not really need to be so expensive and extravagant, only that it should be something that your spouse will really cherish and remember you for it.

Think of items that would seemingly make a great impact for your better half. Does your spouse like clothes? If so, you can give a shirt (adding an I LOVE YOU print will emphasize your special feelings), a pair of pants/shorts that bear a custom-made design or if you prefer an intimate approach you can give a set or pair of lingerie/undergarment. Since you are husband and wife, that should be okay right?

If you are having quite a chore thinking of what to give, breathe easy! There is strength in numbers! For example, if you think matching cotton aprons are not quite enough then why not include a pair of kitchen mittens, table covers, seat covers and towelettes. That's already an all-cotton load of kitchen and dining items. And since this is the modern times, you don't have to be strict with yourself and think of "cotton-only items". Heck, you can mix and match cotton with some other stuff that you think will go extremely well as a wedding anniversary present. Perfect example is the aforementioned all-cotton set of kitchen and dining items. Wouldn't it be a superb idea to add a brand new dining or kitchen set to those? Realistically, since you're about to step in your second year together, now is a cool time to complete or replace some house items that you've been eyeing since you got married.

The experience of getting that traditional cotton gift and making it fit into your marriage life is just but one of the many interesting decisions that you and your spouse will make together.