Couples Gift For Christmas

Ok, you are either a couple or you know a couple and you want the perfect gift. Something that will include both of the in the same gift and will be something they can do together. Skip the gift isle. Valentines Day is over and all that stuff is old hat that you give to people your don't really care about. No, the marketing gurus at the mall will slap red hearts on everything and make it look like a nightmare and tell you it is the perfect gift. The perfect gift comes from the heart and is given after much thought and consideration.

Here?s the thing: if you're a guy you would probably have a much greater desire for some tickets to your favorite sports team then some boxers with hearts and cupids on them. Most couples like many of the same things though and finding a happy medium isn't hard at all. Think of some other out door events that both parties will enjoy if they are not both sports fans.

Other items that couples can enjoy together are prepaid dinners to an exclusive restaurant or back stage passes to a concert that they will enjoy. Just having a chance to share the experience of meeting the band is something the both will treasure and remember for the rest of their life. A dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town is another great gift idea. Getting the reservations, paying for the dinner in advance, and even renting a limo to take the couple to the venue are all ways to take a traditional gift and use your imagination to make it something to remember.

If you giving jewelry think about personalizing it and getting something the couple can enjoy together. His and her heart rings with a special engraving of some inside joke that only close friends share are great things to give. If you decide to go the lingerie route you better know the couple, there likes and dislikes very well or the faux paux you make will be large indeed. Instead think about making some contributions to the bed room with a set of sexy high thread count sheets or a pillow and comforter set.