Creative Christmas Gifts Ideas

There are several creative Christmas gift ideas that you can achieve at the comfort of your home using very cheap materials to make. The rationale of having the Christmas ideas is to customize the gift to your very specific tastes and therefore add value to the holiday season as well as save money. This article will give some of the gift ideas you can try at home for a fabulous Christmas season.

Homemade truffles

One thing that almost everybody is comfortable with is the home made truffles. They are very easy to make and can be covered with different types of crushed nuts. You can then have some blank white boxes which are decorated with some wrapping papers. With $30, you can make about 15 such truffles; however, these should be made just a short time before giving, after which they are eaten a while later. This is great recipe and if you have never made it, you should give it a try.

Cookie kits

What you need to do first is to get the dry ingredients together for her favorite cookie recipe plus the necessary tools; a mason jar, some ribbons, and a note card. After this, the all the dry ingredients are layered down on the Mason jar, the lid is then screwed on and you have a printed recipe on the note card which is in some old fashion font. The whole thing is then tied to the jar with the ribbon.

Secret hollow book

This is yet another great Christmas gift idea that you can make right there at home. You need to find an inexpensive musty old classic at a used bookstore. Have the page stuck together and use a knife to make the centre of the book hollow. You can then give this treasure to the rightful recipient.

Recipe booklet

This booklet has a collection of your favorite recipes for holiday seasons. You can then include it with some samples and literally have your culinary traditions passed onto your friends.

Homemade hand warmer

This is a Christmas gift that you can give your friends or relatives who live in a cold climate. You can make a hand warmer relatively easily if you also know how to make a beanbag. You can use a cashmere material, wool or felt material but when it comes to filling the bags with beans, use ceramic pie weights.