Employee Christmas Gift

As Christmas season approaches, it becomes imperative to select the most appropriate gifts to give to office colleagues. What must be kept in mind is that these gifts should not only suit the individual's tastes, but also be appropriate in the company setting, that is, it should not go against any of the company's policies. Some really popular choices of gifts are ;

Gift Vouchers - with these, one can never go wrong. There is no fear at all of getting a gift that might not be liked by the individual. A voucher gives the individual complete freedom to buy whatever he or she wants. Most popular vouchers are those for ipod song downloads, book stores, beauty treatments and discount offers.

Thermos flasks - these are especially relevant in the office environment. They have the ability to keep any drink, hot or cold, fresh for a long time, as long as 24 hours. Thermos Nissan is a trustworthy brand.

Electronic Labeling System - A perfect gift for those who like their things to be neat and orderly. They can catalog papers, files and even wires, and the labels are very versatile and customizable. A very well known brand among electronic labelers is Brother P-touch.

Fun Desk Flip Calenders - These will not only inform the employee of the day and date, but also entertain him or her throughout the year, be it through interesting facts, or fun quizzes, brain teasers or games. There are lots of games such as Jumble, Fact or Crap, Brain Teasers, etc.

Business Magazine Subscription - If one is sure of a colleague's tastes, a subscription for a business magazine will be very well appreciated. It will help the individual to further his or her interests by

keeping him or her up to date with the latest developments in the field. Popular magazines are Forbes, Advertising Age, etc.

Laptop Notebook Stand - This is also a very appropriate gift which will be well appreciated and received. Those people who use laptops for hours every day will really find it better if these laptops are placed in a more comfortable, more ergonomic position. These come in adjustable types, and types which stay in a single position. They also come with the facility to cool the laptop, which prevents, to a great extent, overheating, and makes traveling with the laptop easier.

USB Flash Drive - These are very helpful with file transfers. There is no worry of any malfunction, and the entire operation can be smooth and glitch free. The flash drives just need to be plugged in and used. It is as simple as that.

Motivational Book - A motivated employee is the greatest asset to a company. Getting a motivational book not only helps the individual, but keeps the general office morale high.

Neck Travel Pillows - A perfect companion for comfortable traveling. They come in varied styles and give the individual a pain free, stress free journey.

Cookies - Last but absolutely not the least. These are almost universally liked. Popular types include Chocolate Chip cookies, Sugar cookies and Oatmeal cookies.