Family Christmas Gift

While sending out gifts during Christmas, it is always better to send out such gifts which can be used as a family Christmas gift. Now what does com to mind, when you mention a family Christmas gift? Naturally a common stuff that all the family members would love and appreciate and can put to use too.

What else could be more universal than food? How about sending the edible gifts as family Christmas gifts? The edible family Christmas gifts are definite to be appreciated. You can send the friends and family Christmas food baskets which will definitely be appreciated and enjoyed by all the members of the family, irrespective of the age and the other factors. The best choices for your Christmas food basket are cheese, fruits, home baked cookies, home baked biscuits, home baked cakes, and home baked pastries. You can not only save a whole lot of money on these home made Christmas gifts but also can take pleasure in the feeling that you have sent across a gift which has been thoroughly utilized and enjoyed to the last bit by the people to whom you sent the gift.

Another option in selecting a family Christmas gift is sending a varied assortment of gifts for each member of the family. You can select some perfumes for the adults, both for female and male use, some educational games or electronic games for the kids, some edible stuff like chocolates or cakes for every one, etc.

Another fun idea is sending a stocking which is hand painted with the name of each member of the family. Sending out these stockings, one for each member of the family is a fun way to send a gift. The family can use these stockings to collect all their gifts on Christmas morning. If you are skilled at painting or sketching or at some skilled craft like paper craft or wood craft or you know to make some candles, then go ahead and hand make gifts fore ach member of the family and take care to personalize these gifts by adding the intended person's name or initials on to the hand made gifts.

Sending out cure hand painted or hand made cards are also a wonderful option and if possible, can be used to complement other gifts too. You can also create wonderful paper crafts and send it to the friends and their family.