Fun Birthday Gifts

Getting a fun birthday gift make the gift and the person who gave the gift memorable. There are some things you can do to make an ordinary gift fun. Make a list of the person's likes and dislikes, as well as, their favorite sports, movies, TV shows, clothes, etc. Decide what gift they would most enjoy from your list. Then have fun with the actual wrapping of the gift, for instance: get several different size boxes, put the actual gift in the smallest box possible and wrap it, then place that box inside another and wrap it, and so on till you have used all the boxes.

Another idea to make your gift fun is to give the gift recipient a piece of the gift, for instance: if you get them a new cell phone, gift them with only the battery, and iPod, gift only the earphones. They will wonder about why they were given a useless gift, and will be totally surprised when they receive the rest of the gift later.

It is also fun to gift the birthday recipient with a smaller version of their present first. An idea for this would be if you were giving someone a new car or truck, wrap up a hot wheel car or truck and the key to their new vehicle and a note letting them know that it is in the driveway or garage. This is a moment you will want to be sure you have your camera or camcorder ready for.

Children love receiving gifts and opening them is the best part. A few fun gifts that you could gift a child might be:

Petting zoo let the child have a petting zoo party

Salon trip with mommy, pamper her for the day

Sporting event tickets for him and a few friends

Art materials

Sporting equipment

Skates, bicycles, skateboards

Scrapbook sets

Playhouse or kitchen sets

Sewing machine


When choosing outdoor gifts you will be sure to get the child to participate in physical activities, art sets will hopefully get their imagination working and will be so beneficial to the birthday gift recipient.

You will want to prevent tears from flowing and hurt feelings when you have a birthday party for your child, and this can be accomplished by doing a few simple things, for instance:

Run a string around a designated area with a chair in the centre for the birthday child and explain to guests that they cannot pass the line.

Explain to your child in advance that even though they receive a gif they may already have to be polite and thank the giver.

Hopefully, these ideas will make your birthday gift more fun.