Fun Christmas Gifts

Everyone needs to smile and have fun. A fun idea is to make the Christmas holiday a little more exciting and interesting. There are all kinds of gag gifts available on the market today, from the funny and wacky to something that will even tickle the funny bone of the practical joker of your family.

The reaction of your gag gift recipient is what these funny and inexpensive gifts are all about. Gag gifts are meant to amuse everyone and can be either cute and funny or gross out funny. Some cute examples are maybe a light up reindeer nose, or gross out funny could be something like a holiday reindeer pooping out a piece of chocolate candy. You could give your child a piece of coal and watch their expression.

Presents for the jokester of the family might be some rusted nails wrapped very nicely. Maybe the jokester likes sweets a little too much; you could present them with a "shocking" sweet jar brimming with their favourite candy. The candy will make them want to open it then and there and they will get a "shocking" surprise. You need to pick gifts that are funny and surprising, but not too mean. There is definitely a balance you don't want to go over when selecting practical gifts.

Funny stocking stuffers are another way to spice up Christmas with smiles. You can even use something gross to stuff stockings with like fake poop, or gum that turns your mouth black. There are numerous gag gifts available for every jokester and practical joker around.

Some other fun gag gifts might include: black soap, a cup with a hole in it, shocking lighters, bullet holes, turd lollipops, squirt toilet, whoopee cushions, no tear toilet paper, fake teeth, radio controlled mice, wouldn't grandma just go ballistic? You can get creatures of any kind like cockroaches, rats, spiders, snakes, rubber chickens, frogs, or even worms. These all make great gag stocking stuffers. A pack of gum that when the recipient pulls the stick of gum out a spring hinged cockroach latches onto their finger.

When presenting gag gifts you want to always remember to do so in good taste, no raunchy items when there are children present. You don't want your gift to insult but to provide humour. Please do not go overboard with silliness you want to make sure your recipient can take the joke.