Gag Birthday Gift Ideas

Gag birthday gifts are usually given to make the party funny. The 40th birthday is the most celebrated one. Most people tend to believe that life begins at forty. This gives the cause to celebrate. At that age, most people think that they getting old and can be sad during the birthday party. You need to lighten the mood in such a party.

There are several things that you can give as gag gifts. The following guiding tips are worth your attention:

1. You can make a good t shirt with a good message to make the person feel good about their age. Make sure the message on the t shirt is a humorous one and avoid some things that will make the person feel bad about being forty.

2. You can make silk-screened cake birthday picture cake to give the person a smile. You can include some funny pictures of the person and especially the ones that will make him a little embarrassed. This will show them the light side of life and they can be ready to live longer. Remember most people think that being over forty means that life is coming to an end. Do things that will show and make this person know that you want them to be around for long.

3. You can give a surprise at the person's place of work. You can fill their office with many balloons. This will make the office different for a minute and break the monotony of serious work. With so many balloons, the person will have to smile and reveal their other side apart from the serious one. Make sure the balloons are of beautiful colours to make the mood light.

4. You can write a playful obituary of the person and keep it somewhere that the person will see it. This will make him laugh and make an unforgettable birthday gift.

5. You can also play prank through the social networks. You can write funny invitations to the birthday party of the person to all their friends. This can be also a good surprise.

These are just a few ways gag birthday gifts that you can give to someone who is celebrating their fortieth birthday. There are many others, all you need is to be creative and be sure that the person will not get mad at you. It is advisable to confirm if the person you want to give the gag gift is in fine health wise to avoid irritating them.