Gifts For 60th Birthday

60th birth day is definitely a reason to be celebrated. After all the birth day boy or girl is now over the hill. 60 is the age of retirement and when all of life's worries and concerns are taken care of and solved. The only concern is regarding the health and the fitness, which can also be taken care of and solved with due health and fitness routines. People look forward to the 60's to enjoy life with their partners and grand children. Keeping this fact in mind, you could select the gifts for 60th birth day.

If it is your partner who is celebrating their 60th birth day, you definitely should add a touch of humour and fun to your gifts. Because if your partner has any concerns regarding the advancing age, they should definitely be quelled with your fun and amusing gifts.

There are so many options which will definitely leave you astounded. Try selecting some thing according to the type of your partner's personality. For instance if your husband was always the lady's man, you could tease him and gift him a '60 and still a stud coot' gift or you could select a range of gaga gifts with words like 60 and still a stud, 60 is the new 40 gift coffin, or new balls for the old body gift, hot massage oil which has a raunchy picture depicted on the cover but is actually a therapeutic oil for body aches and muscular pains. Or there are options like over the hill parking permits, over the hill toilet targets, over the hill hearing aids, over the hill racing grandmother walkers, over the hill toilet lights etc.

If you do not want to go over the top with such gag gifts you could always stick to traditional stuff like personalized tee shirts with the words "sixty is sexy" or a personalized wine glass with hand painted words and the number 60 on it, or a personalized and decorative golf ball, 1950 Time capsules, things to do when you are 60- book, or you could opt for a passionate and romantic and humorous personalized romance novel starring you and your partner, custom made for you.

Or if the gift is for friends, then the usual options like the personalized watches, pocket watches, personalized caps, personalized photo frames, fishing baits, golf sets, perfumes, over the hill cake with over the hill candy bars etc are all quite a good option. But if the person is a fitness freak, home gym equipments for the elderly could also be gifted.