Gifts For College Graduates

This article enumerates some of the items that you can give to graduating college graduates as gifts. You do not have to rack your brain looking the gift to take to a friend of yours who is soon graduating. Try the following:

1. Free room and board.

In this era of economic hardship, getting a job straight from college is not something a college graduate is guaranteed of. Therefore, it takes sometime after the completion of his or her study to be able to stand fully on their feet. The best gift a parent can give to their children is free accommodation so that they are not bothered with rent checks when they can barely afford fare to town. However, this should just be after a short while and not forever.


As the graduates gear to enter the professional market, they need to have the type of attire that matches their field of study. They need professionals clothing that they can wear while attending interviews. When they were students, they may not have had these because of the nature of fashion for the youth. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that they have proper attire when going to the job market. Other gifts could also be files or folders, neck ties, and cufflinks

A computer

It is possible now to find powerful and reliable notebook computers that are relatively cheap. For someone who is starting their first job after college, it is important that the computer is preloaded with important software such as financial management software or even Quicken 2009.

Monthly commuter pass or a gas gift card

Commuting charges are charges that newly employed workers will find very demanding. It is a great gift to give to a college graduate because it assures them that their transportation costs are catered for, at least for the time being. The graduate can then concentrate on other things like where to live.

A car

If it is within your means, giving a graduate a car as a gift is one of the best things they can ever expect. It can be a used car and need not necessarily be the latest model. Employers need their employees to be able to have reliable means of transport. This will ensure that the employee gets into job on time regularly and not give excuses like breakdowns.


Graduates need money to get started. They will need it to facilitate job search such as postage fee for job application, or the transport to interview and all. However, it is only as good a gift as the graduate is responsible.