Gifts For Her

Women are notoriously hard to shop for. They are especially hard during the holidays and most especially during Valentines Day or birthdays. The trick of finding the appropriate gift for the significant female in you life, whether it is your wife, girlfriend or family member is to tailor the gift for the person. Ask yourself what kind of personality they have. Are they the very feminine and romantic type or tom boyish, hanging out with the guys' type? But take it from me, even if she is the latter, getting her power tools will not send the right message. Here are a few gift ideas that will turn her head and put you on the top of the list in her book.

A gift basket can say a lot of things depending on how it is prepared. This is probably one of the most versatile gifts that you can give because it can be assembled to fit almost any occasion or personality. Gift baskets can be loaded with fruits, flowers, wine and a card or any combination of the above. There are many companies that will assemble custom gift baskets, tailored to specific people or occasions including holidays and birthdays or just special occasions.

A purse is also a great idea and can be combined with a gift basket. Most women use purses of some type or another and all women who use purses have preferences as to type and even brand names. If you can find out what these preferences are and get one that you know she will like you can fill it with many of the same items as you would have in a gift basket. Adding presents inside of the purse, presents inside of a present, will add a touch of class and be completely unexpected. My wife?s engagement ring was inside of a clutch purse by Gucci that I gave her on Valentine?s Day.

If the women is a romantic interest, wife or girlfriend then lingerie is a great idea. Two things you want to consider before buying lingerie are her size and taste. You may like the idea of the French Maids outfit or "I Dream of Jeanie" costume but it may not appeal to her. Find out ahead of time what her size and taste is and maybe do a little probing as to what some of her fantasies are. Yes, women have them too and knowing what they are will only serve to enhance your relationship.