Gourmet Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift baskets are a company's way of thanking its employees, clients, and customers. Businesses usually order gift baskets in large quantities for giving as gifts. Corporate gift baskets are often unique in the fact that they brand the company as well as send out appreciation to their colleagues and customers.

Gourmet gift baskets often come with fancy fruits, fancy chocolates, coffees, or cheese selections. Some of the items you will most likely find in gourmet gift baskets include: fresh baked cookies, gourmet cheese, truffles, muffins, pistachios, mixed nuts, candies, biscotti, fancy crackers, flavoured coffees, sausages, gourmet jams, gourmet jellies, individually wrapped chocolates, or fruits, like raspberries and blueberries.

If you would prefer to make your own gourmet gift basket here is how you can prepare a gourmet coffee basket to present. You will need:

* gourmet coffee, 1 or more bags

* container, gift basket or plant pot, perhaps

* coffee mugs

* gourmet cookies, wafers, chocolates, fruits, crackers, etc

* coffee stirrers

* cellophane

* tape

* ribbon

First, you will want to choose the coffee or coffees that you will put in your basket. A variety of flavours are nice. Don't forget to include decaffeinated and make sure you get the coffee ground, in case the recipient doesn't have a coffee grinder.

Next, select the extra items you are going to add to your gift basket. Items like mints, coffee mugs, cookies, or chocolates. Then select your container and arrange the items so that they are pleasing to the eye. You will need to add shredded paper here for the items to sit on; you can use a cloth napkin or other colourful material to add interest. You may need to glue or tape the items in place. Next, you will take your cellophane, which can be colored or clear, and wrap your gift basket. Bring it all together at the top so it can be tied together with ribbon. After tying your ribbon you can add extra ribbon that you have curled to add as an elegant finish.

The creation of the gourmet gift basket should always include high quality products and materials. A good place to find the best gourmet coffees in a wide variety of flavours and roasts would be your local roasters and coffee shops.

Now, you are ready for delivery. Double check the address to ensure a timely delivery, without mishap, if you are having the gourmet gift basket delivered.