Guy Gifts For Christmas

Here it is, Christmas time again, and men are just going crazy wondering what their girlfriends or wives are going to be getting them for their gift. Each man is unique, and has different preferences and tastes; therefore, there is not a "perfect" gift for them. If you have a professional business man he may be delighted with a new briefcase with his name embroidered on it, or a new wallet, while an avid outdoor man might prefer a week-end fishing trip with his buddies. The most important thing a woman needs to remember when selecting her gift for that special guy is that each man is different and she will need to put a lot of thought into her gift according to his tastes, preferences, interests, and hobbies.

If you are a woman who just started dating you may want to get your guy a wallet so that he can get rid of the one he currently has, and it is a gift that he will actually be able to use. For the man who likes to walk around the house in his pj's and relax, a nice luxurious robe or slippers make a great gift.

If your guy is a big movie buff try getting him a good DVD collection of James Bond, or The Godfather, maybe even The Sopranos, or Star Wars, Terminator, or maybe he would like a Clint Eastwood collection. These are gifts that they will appreciate time and time again.

Perhaps you have a man who likes to drink espresso or cappuccino or coffee. You will find that they will be thrilled to receive a gift of an espresso or coffee maker with a good supply of either, so that they can enjoy and savour freshly brewed espresso and coffee.

If you have a carpenter on your hands, tools make for an awesome gift. Hammers, screwdrivers, drills, air compressor tools, or even just a new leather tool belt would all work fine. They may need a new sander, or radial arm saw, grinder, planer, or dust collector. There are many, many tools to choose from and if your guy is the carpenter type he will appreciate a new tool.

Lastly, there are the men who claim to be the grill master of all men. A brand new gas grill with all the trimmings would make his ego grow. If he has already got the grill then get him a set of his very own personalized BBQ utensils. Maybe even a set of grilling spices would do the trick. If he would prefer to grill inside get him a George Foreman Grill and he will be cooking for you in minutes.