Handmade Paper Gift

Handmade paper gift items are eco friendly and are mainly made up of paper that goes through a process of recycling. The texture in handmade paper is from smooth to course and come in various thicknesses. Handmade paper can have many other waste materials such as cloth and natural products in it. It can also be further enhanced with other scrap such as scraps of foil, fibers, flower heads and leaves for better effect. These are added to the mix after it is pulverized.

In Sri Lanka hand made paper is made from elephant dung as well. Paper was invented by Ts'ai Lun in A.D. 105 and he used techniques very similar to what is used today in making handmade paper. Papyrus from where the word 'paper' is derived was used by the Egyptians to make their papyrus scrolls for recording their calligraphy in the form of symbols.

Natural designs are formed by what goes in to make the handmade paper. Marbled effects, ridged, and numerous molded effects can be achieved in making the paper. Further the paper can be cut into strips and woven. These woven sheets are ideal to make lamp shades and book covers and in making unique handmade paper gift items.

Beautiful handmade paper gift items are available in the market today. They range from school stationery, to numerous notebooks, photo albums, journals, photo frames, invitations, greeting cards, gift wrapping paper and decorative paper that can be used for thousands of numerous craft projects.

If you are one who enjoys working on craft projects and would like to try your hand at turning out your very own personalized handmade paper gift items, but don't have the resources to make your own handmade paper, there are people who sell the different grades of paper. You can select from any number of online stores and get the paper you want for that special project. But if you want to try your hand at making the handmade paper there are recipes too on line that give very clear instructions for you to follow.

Beautiful handmade paper gift bags and gift boxes can be turned out with paper that is thicker and more suitable to hold a weight within. These handmade paper gift bags will do well with raffia or jute cord handles. These are a gift in itself and will further enhance the gift you put into the handmade paper gift box or the handmade paper gift bag.