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Home-made Valentine Gifts

14th February... as the day comes near the excitement rises, everyone is worried as to what to get for their valentine or their loved one. Well to get something form the market is not difficult but is almost everything you get from there is very common, but to gift something to your valentine you should make it special and unique, so why not try some home-made gift ideas? Well, let's see... what all would you get from outside? Maybe a card, photo-frame or a showpiece, so why not try it at home.

To make a personalized valentine card just take a card paper, color pens, glitter pens, some stickers. Just take the card paper cut it into an interesting shape like a heart or a star, then write whatever you want with pencil first and then in the colored pens, use the glitter pens where ever desired and stick the stickers. Design a mug by yourself at home, just take a normal mug from home and get some glass paints. Paint it accordingly and stick some stones on it to give it that look. Designing a photo frame by you would also be a good idea. Just get a cardboard and cut it into a square or a rectangular or whatever shape you desire.

Then cut the same but smaller shape from the main piece, and cover the frame with foil or colored paper. Then stick a transparent sheet on to the cut out and create holders on the back to hold the photo graph. Stick some stickers on the foil and decorate it however you want to. Simply gift your spouse a pillow, paint the cover red, and write your message onto it. Painting a t-shirt by your self would also be very impressive, just get some fabric paints and paint it however desired. And why not try making a candle at home. Sounds nice and is very easy.

Just get some wax, candle color, a candle tread and a mould. Just take the wax and keep it on low fire till it melts in a steel vessel. Add the color desired into the vessel and stir. Leave some wax in the vessel and place the rest in the mold, place the tread in the center of the mould and then let it dry. In the remaining wax add little water and mix it with your hand but only when it cools a little. Then the wax would get softer and moldable. Then mold it into whatever shape you want and stick on to the candle. Make it interesting and give it from your heart.