Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

For all the women in the world their husbands are someone very special to them, no matter how much they fight but at the end of the day you know that they do love you. Birthdays have always been something men don't remember; therefore it's great to surprise them with homemade birthday gift. Many people today don't belief in this romantic gesture anymore, but homemade birthday gifts are always special, sentimental and personal. How about gifting your husband a special, personal filled with love and romance homemade birthday gift.

Here are some homemade birthday gift ideas especially for your husband:

Homemade memory book: - instead of buying any great author's book from a book store for your husband, it will be very romantic if you wore a few lines for him with pictures of you both together pasted on it. Collect a few best pictures of you both together, old pictures like while you were dating, were engaged, the ones you took on your honeymoon etc.... After that just paste them into the book and write a few lines beneath each picture, show him how much you have enjoyed every bit of life with him.

Record something special: - this is an exciting idea even if you're not a professional singer you could record his favorite song for him in your own voice. If you think you too bad in singing then don't take any chances (just joking) you can just say some lines and record everything you have always wanted to say but could not. This gift will not only make him feel happy but will also bring you both more closer to each other.

Sew something for him: - yes! Why not? If you know how to sew, then you could sew a nightwear for him like a boxer short made out of silk. You can also add to it, by embroidering his initial on it.

Express your love through art: - if you have even a little bit of talent in painting you could paint a card for him or even paint a T-shit, if nothing much just write I Love You! That will say it all.

Write a sweet poem: - if you love to read and write, then don't waste your time in thinking of homemade birthday gift ideas. Just write a sweet poem with words that will express it all.