How Much Money For Wedding Gift

Many people may have probably asked themselves how much money it would cost for a wedding gift at one point or another, or rather, how much one should spend for it. Below are some suggestions on what to consider before coming up with the appropriate cost of a wedding gift. First of all, estimate the cost of the meal, and take it as a basic minimum. The challenge here is that it may not be easy to estimate the cost of a wedding meal. The second approach is to spend as much as you can afford. The other approach is to use the hard number approach, where $75 covers for a single person, $150 covers for two and so on.

If you are intending to give a couple a shower gift, and an engagement gift in addition to the actual wedding gift, it would be prudent to come up with a total expenditure of the various types of gifts you plan to present to the couple. The budget should feel right to you, and you may wish to divide it as the following suggestion puts it:

20% of the total on the shower present

20% of your total on the engagement gift

60% of your total on the wedding gift

The above is just a suggestion, and you may actually allocate the amounts according to your own desire. As it is with any gift, no matter how much you end up spending, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Therefore, as long as it is a thoughtful and considered gift that you think the couple will appreciate, the question of how much money for wedding gift can have different varied responses, since the cost may vary depending on various situations like the amount available, the number of presents to buy, the types of presents, gifts on offer and many other determining reasons.

In a nutshell, the amount to spend for a wedding gift is not cast on stone, and it purely depends on the particular situation, circumstances and ability of the gift giver. While someone may find a gift for ten dollars ridiculously cheap, another person can only afford that, and so this would be the amount to spend. Equally, those who have more money to spare can spend as much as they want to get the gift of their choice.