Indian Wedding Gifts

Indian weddings are a sight to behold and very lavish in celebration. There are steeped with culture, tradition, and style. Indian weddings are very colorful and often well planned. The couple's relatives are much involved and put a lot of thoughts in planning the wedding hence the guests do too in their way of dressing. Its all about time and thoughts! Therefore, Indian wedding gifts to the happy couple are as important as the ceremony rituals itself. A lot of time and consideration should be put when selecting the gift for the happy couple. Do also consider where the couple will be staying because most Indian couples fly out to settle elsewhere so you don't want your gift left behind but to be a keepsake for time memorial.

Some of these practical and memorable Indian wedding gift ideas that can be given are as follows:

1. You can never go wrong with the traditional wedding gifts of gold and silver jewelry. Bracelets, chains, rings, watches, pendants, anklets, engraved jewelry do make lovely wedding gifts. These are very small and portable. You can add small jewelry box to put them in.

2. Household d?cor; Crystal pieces, cutlery, electronics goods have been around already. Why not go out of the way and indulge the happy couple with unique traditional decorated items? Try giving decorative paintings, silk beddings, throws, silver and jeweled candle stands, diya lamps or jeweled photo frames. These small mementos are known to be colorful and memorable.

3. Small luxuries like sweets, chocolates (hand made), bottles of perfumes and colognes, silk sarees (make sure you know the bride size) are also worth your consideration.

4. For the modern couple you can never go wrong with gift certificates to favorite stores, spas, salons or a weekend packages at a luxury hotel. It can make something relaxing and memorable for a lifetime.

5. For the modern, rich couple a safari in the Africa plains or a relaxing honeymoon packages can be perfect Indian wedding gift.

When choosing that perfect Indian wedding gift put in mind that it should be as colorful and lavish in thoughts as possible. Be free and the bride and groom will never forget you.