Jewish Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a very important part of any community and as such many culture hold special celebrations to symbolize the importance of weddings in their cultures. Jewish culture also has it own way of showing their support and appreciation to the wedding couple.

The most common way of appreciating any thing well during a ceremony is to present a gift that communicates your feeling towards the event at hand. The Jewish wedding is usually held in a certain special way and special items are used to perform the ceremony. The gifts that the Jewish people give to the wedding couple are usually symbolic and are held with lots of affection. There are a variety of special ornaments in the Jewish culture that wedding couples are given. Some of the most common items include wall mounted pictures and special hangings with inspirational messages. One of the most common wall hangings with inspirational information relevant to the family setting is the Ester shahaf which has some writings derived from the teachings regarding Esther in the bible. This particular hanging is usually available in both English and Hebrew language.

There is also the blue hearts hanging hamsa hand and several versions of mezuzahs. The mezuzah is available n many different designs and all have a symbolic meaning in relation to marriage. The blue romance mezuzah is meant to depict the deep love that is expected to be the cementing element in a marriage. Other mezuzah designs include the all turquoise crystal mezuzah and the arch mezuzah case in turquoise which all have different meanings in the Jewish tradition.

Other paintings or wall pictures which feature commonly in the list of common wedding gifts in the Jewish culture are the after Kiddush by Michal David which depict a picture of some important items in Jewish culture and is often in the form of a wall painting that should be hanged on the wall as a constant reminder of the commitment at hand.

The costs of these Jewish wedding gift items vary from about $60 to$300 depending on the particular item as well as the store. Some of the stores offer free shipping of the items although the location will be an important factor to consider when shipping. Some locations may require an additional amount submitted depending on various circumstances. This however should not be a deterrent since the additional amount is never too much. It is important to note that ordering more items will earn you free shipping even in places where the store might have wanted to ask for extra costs.