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Kids Make Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the time of gifting. While we as adults spend most of the week before Christmas trying to buy our loved ones the best gift that we can get or afford, stop for a second and wonder what our kids do. They make their own gifts with whatever they have. Some kids are a lot more creative and prefer to make things that are more physically seen like cards etc. While others make boxes filled with kisses and IOU's that are repaid with kisses or promises to do chores around the house to make their parents happy. A homemade gift says a lot more than any store bought gift ever could. No matter how much you spend personalizing a gift, making something from scratch is a whole different ball game.

If you are looking for things to make with your kids as Christmas gifts you can find a lot of do it yourself kits that you could find and make your own Christmas decorations which will not only keep you kids busy for a while but also teach them that they don't need a lot of money to show someone they care about them. Teaching these lessons in childhood paves the path of making your child a better person in the future. You could also bake cookies or muffins with your kids and pack them in a nice decorated box to gift to their grand-parents or friends. This way they are not only introduced to baking but it will also be a nice way for them to show their grand-parents how much they mean to them.

Kids like doing stuff that is messy. So get them to finger paint or vegetable paint on the Christmas cards. Make sure you use washable paints and cover the table with newspaper to avoid spending too much time in cleaning up. You could also get the kids to make a gift basket for their father with cookies and muffins. You could also get the kids to make key chains out of shoe laces or beads. You can also get them to paint rocks which can be used as paper weights. All the products you will require to make these at home will be available at any stationary store close to your house. You could also make a trip of it with your kids to go and buy the things for the project together. Remember to stick to a budget.