Make Christmas Gifts

A creative and thoughtful way to make the Christmas gifts that are absolutely sure to please anyone that receives them are Christmas gift baskets. They can be tailored to each individual or suited to a family. Here are a few ideas for Christmas gift baskets listed below:

* For the movie buff - purchase a few DVDs, a lap throw, some microwave popcorn, and maybe a popcorn bucket. These items can be purchased fairly cheap at your local dollar store. Find or buy a big basket and arrange the items in the basket, then wrap it up with ribbons and bows and you will be a big hit when the recipient opens this gift.

* For the coffee drinker - purchase a couple mugs, these can even be personalized with paint or stickers before arranging them in the basket. Purchase or make some cocoa mix, tea, different flavors of coffee, maybe their favorite magazine or a past newspaper, arrange these items in a basket wrap and gift.

* For children - you can create a character basket, or maybe even a storybook basket loaded with books and healthy snacks, you can do movie or cartoon baskets for children, as well as, toys.

* For the baker or cooker - create a basket with items to fix their favorite meal of pasta, include kitchen items, you can use a colander for the pasta eater and place all items in it before wrapping it up.

* For someone who loves breakfast foods you can create a basket with pancake or muffin mixes, some type of bacon or sausage, personalize by creating your own syrups for them like blueberry or strawberry (these recipes can be found on the internet).

Some other ideas for homemade Christmas gifts might include items that you purchase like blank mugs with the recipient's name hand painted on them. Maybe you would prefer to bake up some goodies and bag them up to give as gifts or if you crochet or knit you can make gloves, scarves, mittens, or hats and maybe Afghans to gift.

Homemade gifts can be tailored to each individual person or family and they are a little more personable and thoughtful. They are cheaper for you and can be very attractive gifts. When you take the extra effort and time to create a homemade gift it tends to have a little more meaning to those who receive your gifts.