Modern Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary is meant to signify a couples achievements that they have an accomplished through the number of years they have been together. Some modern gift ideas for each ten years are, as follows:

* Clocks are the modern gift for 1-year anniversaries. A mantle clock that is engraved makes a nice gift.

* China is for the 2nd year anniversary- a china plate to be used as decoration for their home.

* Crystal or glass marks the 3rd year anniversary. Perhaps you could gift some crystal glasses.

* The 4th year anniversary is marked by an appliance gift. You may want to give a gift card to help with the purchase of a new appliance.

* The 5th year is celebrated with silverware. Silver forks, spoons, or knives will work for this anniversary.

* The 6th year anniversary gift would be made from wood. A woodcarving of their family name would be nice.

* Seventh year anniversary gifts are to be copper. Copper desk sets work well for this particular year.

* The 8th year anniversary is marked with a modern gift of linen or lace. Linen bed sheets or lace tablecloths might prove to be the ideal gift.

* Leather is to be used for the 9th year anniversary. Photo frames made of leather or leather bags are suitable for this one.

* Year 10 is noted for diamond jewelry. In addition, everybody knows diamonds are a girl's best friend.

* Fashion jewelry marks the 11th anniversary gifts. Maybe some costume jewelry for that beautiful dress in the closet.

* Pearls are the modern gift for the 12th anniversary. I do not know about you but I always remember my grandma when I think about pearls.

* The 13th year anniversary gift is textiles or furs, maybe some new carpet for the home.

* The 14th year anniversary is marked with the all so well known gold jewelry. This is preferred by a lot of woman.

* The modern gift for the 15th year is watches. Watches are a very handy and beautiful accessory to have. Moreover, it usually goes with any outfit.

* For the 20th anniversary year your gift turns out to be the same for modern and traditional, it is a gorgeous ruby.

As you can see, modern anniversary gifts are not much different from the traditional anniversary gifts. In addition, no matter what kind of gift you may select, as long as it comes from the heart and shows your love for the couple it will be cherished.