Monetary Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts are given to the couple as they start their marriage life. People believe that it's a good way to show support to the young couple. Chinaware is the most common wedding gift because they can be put to use as soon as the couple starts living together. They help the couple to start off their new lives as most of them do not own any kitchenware.

However, nowadays, most people are getting married late and they buy the kitchen items before they marry. This means they do not require any of them during the wedding day. They need money to do other things and they do not know how to say that. It may not be right to ask for money or gifts. Here are few ways you can use to let people know that you want money instead of gifts:

1. Traditionally it is not right to ask for money as gift on your wedding gift. You can tell people the reason why you want money; most appropriately, you can tell them you need it to make payment for a home. You can also let them know you will use the money for your honey moon or any other reason that you find more pressing.

2. Choose a good way to collect the money gifts. You can come up with a dance in which the guests will pay to dance with the bride. A wishing well tree is also a good way to collect money. You just place a tree somewhere and the guests can put their money gifts inside.

3. Avoid getting yourself involved with the collection of the money. Appoint some people to handle that, and also explain why you need it more than the household items they may send. If anyone wants to know why you want money, explain to them politely and cautiously.

4. Let people know before the wedding that you do not want household gifts. Your family members can help you to do that in a good way. They can understand better that you have some financial goals to meet and also know well that you have the household items.

Do not shy away from asking for money as gift in your wedding. All you need is to do it wisely. Ask the people close to you to help you. This will be a good way to try and start your marriage life with some money for a number of things.