One Year Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries and anniversary gifts are special. The first anniversary is no exception and if you are unsure about what to get your spouse to commemorate the occasion, keep in mind that this is an occasion that symbolizes your relationship. It is wise to put a lot of thought and effort into your gift selection. Make their day special by presenting them with a unique gift that shows them how much you love them. If you are having trouble figuring out what to get that special someone, here are a few ideas:

* Make plans to spend the entire day together. Plan a 1-day or weekend trip somewhere that you can have good quality time together.

* There is nothing more romantic than spending a romantic evening together, dressed in your best clothes, eating at a luxurious fancy restaurant, and then going to a movie.

* If your wife has been working and doesn't have time to spend pampering herself you could get her a spa coupon and let her have a day to herself. She will more than likely show you that evening just how much she appreciated it.

* If your wife is a shopaholic then go shopping with her and let her buy what she wants.

* Of course, you can get your wife a cute bracelet or necklace for your one year anniversary. What woman can decline a diamond?

* A romantic note or love quote as a tag line in a framed photo makes for a treasurable gift that will last a lifetime. Personalize your frame by having it engraved and add a photo of a sweet moment you shared.

* Paper is the traditional one year wedding anniversary gift. There are a lot of ways to make the use of this traditional paper gift creative and unique. For instance, you could get your spouse a newspaper published on the day and year you were married. You can also get a decorative jar and fill it with the reasons you love your spouse.

* Simply write them a poem or note and let them know what they do to you when they walk in the room. How they make you feel inside.

* Make or buy paper roses.

* Make a paper box to give your thoughtful gift in.

You and your spouse made a commitment one year before, for the rest of your lives. It will not really matter what gift you give or receive as the long as you both are still just as in love now as you were then, the gift will only add to your happiness.