Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gift

The twelfth wedding anniversary is usually also known as the pearl wedding anniversary. For the ideal pearl wedding anniversary gift, the following are some tips that can help you to make the right choice. The themes associated with this anniversary are mostly silk and linen, while the gifts mostly associated with it are gems and pearls. At the same time, it is customary to give roses for this particular anniversary.

Other popular pearl wedding anniversary gifts are highlighted below. First, silk apparel makes any woman feel extraordinary. Get her some sexy silk pajamas or lingerie. Secondly, she would appreciate the comfort of linen, especially if she loves the material. Go for some high-quality linen bedding or some sexy lingerie made of linen. In addition, you can plan a special evening and night for the pearl wedding anniversary. You may have to take a break from work if you are planning a surprise dinner for her at home. Make her favorite meals and prepare a candle lit dinner. Do not forget to include soft music playing in the background.

The other suggestion of a pearl wedding anniversary gift is pearl jewelry. Given that this is your first 'Pearl Anniversary', pearl jewelry is required. You can go for a pearls necklace, an all-time favorite. You can also choose a unique bracelet studded with gems and dotted with pearls. While at it, you can get your spouse a beautiful jewellery box, where you may slip in a bracelet, necklace or anniversary ring.

To spice up the day further, you could welcome the material day by placing a bunch of flowers on the side of her bed with a bracelet or necklace hidden cleverly within the flowers. Better still, if she likes gardening, you can give her a potted peony plant, which is renowned for its healing properties, not to mention its beauty.

You can as well celebrate each of the twelve years of your marriage by leaving a trail of twelve gifts throughout the house. They could be based on traditional themes, contemporary or they could be original. Let it end with you yourself - her best present. Basically, the love and the togetherness you have shared for twelve years needs to be celebrated, whether you can afford a gourmet dinner or a simple home-cooked meal. If you cannot get her even a card, make her one!