Personalized Baby Gift Set

The birth of a child in every culture is welcomed with celebrations galore. These celebrations start even before the child has made his entry into the world, in the form of baby showers. During baby showers the mother-to-be is gifted presents for herself and her little one.

The concept of personalized gifts is growing in popularity the world over and especially in the toddler segment. Personalized baby gift sets are finding a niche in the baby gift sector. Of course these can be presented only once the baby is born; knowing whether it's a boy or a girl and one knows what the baby will be called.

Personalized baby gift set can comprise of a personalized nursery wherein the walls are done up in wall paper bearing the baby's name and a family tree. The furniture can be matched and color coordinated with the usage of symbols or characters that the parents would like their baby to sight and grow up with. For eg a Winnie the Pooh theme would have upholstery, curtains and linen bearing the cartoon character on them.

A stroller, high chair, rocker, bouncer and car seat can make great personalized gifts, with the baby's name embroidered or etched on them. A cot with mattresses, pillows, cushions and blankets with the name of the baby artistically embroidered feels special and looks beautiful. Dining set comprising plate, bowl, glass, sipper, spoon and bottles with the baby's name engraved on it makes for a treasured personalized gift.

Personalized baby gift sets can also comprise of products that are of immediate and practical use for the baby as soon as the baby is back home from the hospital. It could comprise a baby carrier, a baby bag, baby jumpers, bibs, socks, mittens and napkins, rattles, toiletries and nappies or diapers which make practical sense as a gift. A set of feeding bottles with beautiful hand crafted covers that contain the name of the child do very well as gifts. A baby book is another great idea specially bearing the family tree and history and a brief write up about the parents and siblings.

What turns out truly special is a hand knit sweater, blanket, socks and mitten specially when made by grandma. They are collectibles that are cherished and handed down to the next generation. You just can't beat the personal touch and love knitted in these gifts by grandma.