Personalized Christening Gifts

A baby's Baptism is a grand event for Catholic parents. It is the day their precious baby embraces God's kingdom and joins the congregation of the church under which the child is baptized. It symbolizes a human being's never ending bond with God and the faith.

During and after the event, many homes take on a festive mood. The parents of the baby welcome relatives and neighbors to celebrate the event. Some people celebrate it at restaurants on a grand scale while others organize small parties at home. Visitors come with gifts for the baby. As they do with other parties, people bring various gifts for this occasion too.

Most invitees bring saving certificates or signed checks for creating a savings account for the baby. There are many other valuable gifts that are often gifted to babies on this occasion. There are gifts that symbolize the importance of the event such as a gold or silver crucifix attached to a necklace. When personalized, these types of religious symbols turn to valuable keepsakes for the baby's parents and the children while they grow.

Personalized christening gifts including the crucifix that signifies the baptism of the child can bear the child's name, parent's names, baptized date, a quotation from the Holy Testament and any other relevant information. By this information, its value is never lost. The personalized christening gifts include engraved picture frames of apostles. They also carry a verse from the Bible and prayers besides the child's name, and the baptized date.

Some give candles as personalized christening gifts. Candles also carry the child's names and the baptized date. They are lit on the day the child was baptized, and on any special day. There are enough candles included in these gift boxes to keep for the christening anniversary the next year as well. Silver plated banks are yet other fine personalized christening gifts to mark the occasion for babies. They are beautiful items to have in the baby's room. The child could keep the silver plated bank received as a keepsake and use it by making the habit to save and it can hold a lot of money as well.

For young children who celebrate their baptismal anniversaries, many beautiful religious items are available in the market. Personalized christening gifts include photo albums, picture frames, personalized bibles, baby christening books, christening name bracelet, personalized Christmas trees, keepsake trinket boxes, personalized jewelry etc. You can order fine personalized christening gifts by surfing the Internet. Many websites trade in personalized christening gifts, or connect you with prestigious gifts shops.