Personalized Infant Gifts

Children are special for everyone and to decide what to gift them other than just toys can be interesting and cute. So let's see what all can we personalize for these little ones. Let's start from the small little caps you can personalize them with their names, and can paint them with the cute baby blue and baby pink colors. Getting them cute duck faced caps or Mickey Mouse looks cute too.

Personalized bibs and napkins are also very useful and interesting. If you are good at knitting you could also knit him or her a sweatshirt, pants, gloves, socks etc. Writing its name or birth date is also cute. One could also get bottles of feeders personalized for the young one. Personalized T-shirts with their and their parents picture is also a good idea. You could also get them those strollers, carriers or play mats obviously personalized with their names in fancy writing. Photo frames also look cute... get a nice normal photo frames in a light pastel color decorate it with small stickers and small stones and make it exiting in your very own way for the little one so that he could keep it as a sweet memory. Personalized balloons? How about that, exciting yeah! Get a balloon or rather a few balloons and carefully paint them at home or you could also get them personalized for the shores.

A car seat is also a good idea as it is important for the baby to travel. Again personalizing that wouldn't be difficult. It's always better to gift something that would be useful then something that would just be kept on the side. Get them some nice clothes and socks in a gift basket tied with it a balloon. One could also get a blanket or a quilt with the baby's picture on it or to be simple just paint the name on a corner. Personalized blinds for the windows just get a normal blind and get it printed with the child's name or his cute picture. You could also get his picture enlarged into a poster or his picture with a calendar or his picture engraved into a keychain. Get whatever you want just let it be sweet and on the simpler side.