Ruby Anniversary Gifts

The Ruby anniversary is the 40th wedding anniversary. This 40th wedding anniversary is the next important or significant wedding anniversary which comes after the silver wedding anniversary which is the 25th wedding anniversary. Being in between the silver wedding anniversary below and the golden anniversary above it, the ruby wedding anniversary is considered quite a mile stone in the couple's life.

There are so many traditions which are so inter-twined with the lives of humans. This applies to each and every human being, irrespective of his nationality and culture. After all cultures, traditions and rituals have been a part of humanity, since the evolution period. The ancient man or the cave man too had some customs, traditions and rituals. Keeping in line with those customs, there are a few traditions and customs associated with the weddings and the wedding anniversaries too.

Tradition has it that the couple who have completed or are completing 40 glorious years of their wedded life together, need to gifted RUBY as their 40th anniversary gift and hence have named the 40th wedding anniversary as the ruby wedding anniversary. Most of the times, there is a difference in opinion between the traditional suggestions for wedding anniversary gifts and the modern or the alternative modern suggestions. But the ruby anniversary gifts are quite in tandem, with all the modern, traditional and the alternate modern suggestions all agreeing to the fact, that RUBY is the best wedding anniversary gift for the 40th wedding anniversary.

If you are the husband who is looking to find an idea for your ruby anniversary gifts, then you are in the right place. A ruby is a precious gem stone and is considered as the next costliest gem stone after the diamond. Being blood red in color, it truly signifies the heart, the love and the passion in marriage. Gift a wonderful ring made of ruby to your wife and behold her heavenly smile.

If you are the wife looking around for ideas, then you may use a ruby studded watch to gift to your handsome hubby on your ruby wedding anniversary. You can also give him a ruby cuff link too. You may need to get it personalized and custom made for him. Other gift ideas common for both the spouses are a Czech glass ruby engraved bowl, a book of memories etc. what ever the gift remember to keep it custom made so that it conveys your heart's feelings very well.