The Christmas Gift - John Denver

The Christmas gift is a movie which was released in December 1986. It is of the genre drama and it is an excellent holiday viewing for the families. The movie was directed by Michael Pressman. The story was written by Christopher Grabenstein and the out of the world screenplay has also been done by him. The plot is very interesting and the movie is a complete family entertainer. It is all about a widowed architect from Newyork who moves to Colorado with his young daughter. The fact that every single person in the town has strong belief in the existence of Santa Claus draws their attention.

The lead roles have been played by John Denver (widowed architect) and Jane Kaczmarek (John Denver's love interest in the movie.) and Gennie james ( John Denver's preteen daughter). The supporting cast includes Edward Winter, Pat Corley, Mary Wickes, Anne Haney, Harvey Vernon, Ann bradley etc.

Many felt that after they watched the movie they felt very moved and that is was a completely heart warming movie. Many also said that the locations in the movie were truly magnificent that they wanted to move to the city of Colorado immediately! This movie has impressed many because it clearly portrayed what Christmas is really all about!

This Holiday drama has brought out the real actor in John Denver. He was an excellent singer but he proved himself to be an excellent performer as well through this movie. The way he has performed the role given to him is absolutely fabulous and that is another main reason why this movie impressed a lot of people and they felt extremely touched when they left the cinema halls. Jane Kaczmarek has also outdone herself thought she dint have a very meaty role. Gennie James, the child artist has also played her role with utmost ease and wins the hearts of the audience by her outstanding performance in the movie. She has brought alive the character of Alexandra ( Alex) Billings and has been adored by all who watched The christmas gift.

The movie has a wonderful Christmas message and is truly a Christmas classic. It has received very good feedback from anyone and everyone who has watched it. It is a family favorite and the message shared is truly inspiring. The scenery in the movie is breathtakingly beautiful and the movie is a visual treat There are extremely beautiful shots of the Rocky mountains and Central city town. The audience sure did enjoy every bit of the ninety six minute long drama flick.