Third Anniversary Gift

A couple weathers both the good and bad times as they move forward in a journey called marriage. With each passing year added to their marriage, they vow to renew their commitment to one another. Some couples celebrate the date they got married while some do not. Most couples wish to celebrate their anniversary in a special way.

Few couples who believe in customs, save some wedding mementos to be used during their anniversary celebrations. Some save the top layer of their wedding cake and share it during their first wedding anniversary. Some light a candle made from the candles used during their wedding or reception. While a few save the wedding bouquet to use it as a centre piece during their anniversary dinner.

Whatever the customs there is also a tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific anniversary among many couples who celebrate their anniversaries. Gift giving can be both- traditional gift giving or modern gift giving way. Themes are incorporated while gifting traditionally or in the modern way.

The third wedding anniversary is supposed to be a time when a couple have known each other to some extent and are aware of the durability of their relationship. Based on this thought, leather is chosen as a theme for a couple to gift one another in the traditional way during their third wedding anniversary celebrations.

Leather is a material which is durable, flexible, strong and warm- all qualities that help to thrive. So couples gift one another gifts made of leather on their third anniversary signifying that their marriage should continue to be as resilient as leather.

Based on leather, there are many gift ideas a couple can give one another. Some suggestions are: jackets, gloves, wallets, handbags, slippers, caps, belts all made of leather and also leather bound blank journals, diaries, briefcases, laptop case and so on.

Some couples believe in the modern way of gifting during their third anniversary and the theme is based on crystal.

Crystal is a beautiful dazzling substance and is said to be a gentle reminder to couples to have a meaningful marriage touching one another's life. There are many gift ideas to give in form of crystal ware for a couple. Some gift ideas in crystal given usually during the third anniversary celebrations are: a swarovski crystal necklace, A crystal vase with flowers, wine goblets, figurines or even pearl or jade jewelry.

Some couples, who wish to be more romantic, match the number of gifts they give in accordance with their anniversary like- giving three small gifts to him/her on a third wedding anniversary. Whatever the theme is - traditional or modern, it nice to get or give a gift on the anniversary for a couple.