Valentines Gifts Him

How can you express your feelings to a guy on Valentines Day will be a challenge, because guys see gifts differently than women. However, you can be creative in your insight, planning, and thinking when selecting that perfect gift that he will treasure and portray your feelings to him.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your gift extra special:

* Write down his hobbies, interests, fantasies, everything he loves.

* Listen to him while he is commenting on TV commercials, he will give you clues

* brainstorm your list you should be able to encompass one item at least

* If you are short on cash try making him a book of love coupons that he can use when he is feeling a little frisky

* Practicality and usefulness are two things you need to keep in mind when purchasing his gift. You don't want his gift to be something he sets on a shelf and forgets about.

* Guys can be sentimental too so consider gifts like his and your initials linked, or something with your picture on it.

A few keepsake gifts are perhaps a verse or love letter in a bottle, a framed personalized newspaper from the date you started dating or your wedding date, even a grow old together vase.

You could personalize boxers for him or get him a personalized mug. Maybe tickets to his favourite concert or Nascar race. Robes and slippers make great Valentines Day gifts or maybe you are feeling a little frisky and you could get him a prescription for love, a prescription bottle with red hots. Golf tees, engraved lighters, cigar cutter and cigar case set. Dog tags engraved with your wedding date or your names, personalized puzzles, personalized shot glasses, money clips, key chains, monogrammed travel bags, personalized fishing gear, cuff links, maybe even a personalized leather playing card case, or his own personalized pool stick. There are endless possibilities and if you make your list and listen for clues from him you will be able to find that perfect gift that lets him know that you put thoughtfulness and planning into your gift selection.

If you would prefer to be a little more romantic you might want to choose kiss me goodnight pillow cases, chocolate body paint, panties with messages for a promising night, or maybe just a jar of chocolate kisses will do the trick. There are endless possibilities to make Valentines Day special for him too.