Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A wedding is a natural conclusion of an attraction and love felt by the couples for each other. Weddings are nothing but a celebration of love and a promise or a vow to remain bonded to each other till death parts the couples away for each other. As wonderful as the weddings are, so are the wedding anniversaries also as wonderful.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas are galore and it can be personalized according to the number of years of the anniversary, the relation of the wedded couple to you, the closeness etc. there are 2 types of wedding anniversary gifts and so there could be 2 types of wedding anniversary gift ideas. The first one as always is the traditional

Wedding anniversary gift ideas and the second one is the modern wedding anniversary gift ideas.

The traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas are classified according to the years of the anniversary. So accordingly the gifts are Paper for the 1st anniversary, cotton for the 2nd anniversary, leather for the 3rd anniversary, fruit and flowers for the 4th anniversary, and wood for the 5th anniversary. The 6th anniversary traditional gift is candy, whereas the 7th anniversary traditional gift is copper, the 8th anniversary traditional gift is bronze, the 9th anniversary traditional gift is pottery, the 10th anniversary traditional gift is tin, the 11th anniversary traditional gift is steel, the 12th anniversary traditional gift is silk, 13th anniversary traditional gift is lace, the 14th anniversary traditional gift is ivory, 15th anniversary traditional gift is crystal. The 16th to the 19th anniversary traditional gift are not demarcated but the modern gift ideas could be used instead like the 16th anniversary modern gift idea is silver hollow ware, the 17th anniversary modern gift idea is furniture, the 18th anniversary modern gift idea is porcelain, and the 19th anniversary modern gift idea is bronze. Again there are traditional gift ideas for the 20th anniversary which is china, the 25th anniversary which is silver, the 30th anniversary which is pearl, the 35th anniversary which is coral, the 40th anniversary which is ruby, the 45th anniversary which is sapphire, the 50th anniversary which is gold, the 55th anniversary which is emerald, the 60th anniversary which is diamond, the 75th anniversary which is again the diamond.

The modern and the traditional anniversary gift ideas may be interchanged or used according to either convenience or preference or the budget, which ever is more applicable or suitable.