Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Getting married is a great achievement. In today's world, with its fast faced, disposable nature, staying married is an even greater one. Because of this, if you're planning on celebrating an anniversary in the near future and want to keep the old traditions alive, here is a short list of the traditional materials that wedding gifts are made of. Each year is supposed to represent a different material. I haven't managed to include every year, for spaces sake, but each decade is here.

Year One: This year, the first of your marriage is represented by paper. There are a lot great gift ideas for paper. I have seen people use paper roses and a framed copy of the couples marriage license. Tickets to a new show in town or a romantic movie is also a great idea as are gift certificates to retail clothing stores and exclusive day spas, for both men and woman will bring a satisfied smile.

Year Ten: This year the traditional gift materials are tin or aluminum. In recent years that has been changed to diamonds (lucky you), and a bit of bling will go over well. If you don't have diamonds in your rings now is a good chance and maybe even a gift for both of you.

Year Fifteen: Break out the crystal it is your fifteenth anniversary. Crystal is the material in both traditional and modern anniversary gifting. Some great ideas for this anniversary are jewelry, like pendants or rings. Or even a nice decanter or glass set. And finally you can't go wrong with a set of his are hers watches with crystal faces.

Year Twenty: The 20th anniversary can be china or platinum, depending or whether you wan to be traditional or modern. A good idea is to have a special plate made of china, have it etched with platinum with your names and wedding date. You can even have wedding photos burned onto the plate.

Year Twenty-five: This is the silver anniversary and is always represented by silver. People usually celebrate this anniversary with a long trip, a vacation, or some special event like a party with all of the couples life long friends or family.

Year Fifty: Two people celebrating a half century as a married couple has to be a golden moment and gold is the traditional gift for this anniversary. This is another great opportunity for a world cruise or extended vacation.