Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversaries are celebrated to mark the achievements of a union over the period of time that it has been in existence. As years go by, it becomes almost monotonous to celebrate the wedding anniversary each and every year. For those who attend the meetings and are urged to bring in gifts, it may be difficult to decide on what type of gifts to take along to such anniversary celebrations after every year.

Many traditions came up with gift guidelines showing the type of traditional items with symbolic meanings to the wedding and which could be used to determine the number of years that whatever marriage that is being celebrated has been in place. As such, the gift items for traditional wedding anniversaries were well stipulated to help save the attendants from the dilemma of deciding what to bring to the bride and groom as their years together continued to pileup.

For the first wedding anniversary, the traditionally accepted gift item that was used to signify the first anniversary was apiece of paper made craft item. The item could vary depending on the creativity of the individual. In modern society however, the first anniversary is marked by plastic items or most commonly a clock. This is perhaps a symbol to tell that time has been ticking and your marriage should be growing at it ticks.

The second anniversary on the other hand is traditionally depicted by giving a cotton dress especially for the woman. It is also important to note that most of these anniversary gifts are most commonly not given to the man but to the women. In fact very few cultures encourage the giving of gifts to men. The cotton dress is recognized as a sign for the second anniversary in both traditional and modern circles.

While modern lifestyle gives crystal or glass for the third anniversary, the traditional setting acknowledged the gift of leather. Leather is traditionally known to be tough and it is believed that it was preferred as a symbol that your marriage was becoming tough as you hit the three year mark. One of the most interesting gift items for women comes on the fourth year in the form of flowers for the traditional societies. The modern culture on the other hand gives linen or silk to mark this particular anniversary. This gift s continue to vary until you heat the eighth anniversary when the traditional societies would acknowledge the marriage with bronze, perhaps this was to show that you have become veterans in this field and deserve some award. The tenth anniversary however marks the great point where the modern society gives diamond jewelry while the traditional societies gave tin and/or aluminum.