Wedding Anniversary Gift Years

So, someone you know, or perhaps you and your spouse are getting ready to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and you're not sure what gift to give. Well, here are a few ideas in both modern and traditional that may help you.

Let's start with years 1 through 5. They celebrate with pretty easy gift ideas, such as: 1) Paper, 2) cotton, 3) leather, 4) fruit and flowers, and 5) wood. These traditional gifts can be very easy to obtain and can be very affordable. However, if you would prefer to get something more modern you could get something like: 1) plastic, 2) cotton and calico, 3) leather, 4) linen, silk, or nylon, and 5) wood.

If you would like to give that special couple flowers instead you could choose from this list:

1. pansy

2. cosmos

3. fuchsia

4. geranium

5. daisy

6. calla lily

7. jack-in-the-pulpit

8. clematis

9. poppy

10. daffodil

11. morning glory

12. peony

13. hollyhock

14. dahlia, and lastly,

15. rose

You really don't want to give flowers for someone celebrating a larger anniversary than 15 years. This is a pretty significant milestone for the couple and you should purchase a gift at this point.

Now, you could also purchase stones for the celebrating couple, and if you choose to do this, you should follow this list:

1. gold jewelry, or peridot

2. garnet

3. pearls, or jade

4. blue topaz, or blue zircon

5. sapphire, or pink tourmaline

6. amethyst, or turquoise

7. onyx or yellow sapphire

8. tourmaline, or tanzanite

9. lapis lazuli, or amethyst, and lastly

10. diamond, or blue sapphire

Of course, there are many, many lists available for you to choose from. If you would rather get a romantic gift you might want to choose: jewellery, sexy lingerie, naughty and nice costumes, wine glasses, quartz crystals, guardian angels with names engraved, sex games, fine chocolates, or maybe a love note or poem engraved on a picture frame. Some gifts to get for him, would include: clothing with a personal message, a personalized gift or perhaps golf tees with his initials engraved on them, a king size hammock, personalized BBQ utensils, briefcases, concert tickets, exotic handcrafted items, or CDs and DVDs.

However, if the gift is for a couple that may be your parents, or grandparents, you will want to get a more sentimental gift, something that is unique, practical, or perhaps a commemorative keepsake. You could gift this special milestone with something like a watercolour painting of their wedding photo, a personalized crystal clock, or maybe a family tree document. These are just a few ideas that hopefully will help in your quest for that perfect gift.