Wedding Day Gifts

Wedding day gifts are probably the hardest part of any wedding for the guests. How do you pick out a gift for a couple? It will need to be something that both the bride and groom will find useful. This could be a challenge or it could be pretty easy. When you start picking and selecting the wedding day gift, keep in mind that you are trying to show your appreciation to the bride and groom for inviting you to their wedding and letting you be part of this major life event.

Wedding day gifts also need to be purchased by the bride and groom for the guests, bridesmaids, maid of honour, groomsmen, parents of the bride, and parents of the groom, photographer, caterer, and anyone else who has helped make this day as special as it could possibly be. It is crucial to thank each and every one of these people properly.

You will want your gift to be practical, something they will use, and not throw in the closet. You also don't want to break the bank when purchasing these gifts. A few gifts come to mind that will be useful and not too expensive, they are:

* mini photo albums, they can use them for pictures of your wedding

* shaped soaps, these can be wrapped in handkerchiefs and make nice gifts

* chocolate bars, who doesn't like candy

* salt and pepper shakers, wedding themed

* flip flops, for the summer weddings

* umbrellas, always handy

* glasses

These are items that can be purchased in bulk, also, lowering the costs.

When you are choosing a traditional gift to honour the bride and groom, remember that the bride has probably had a wedding shower or two, so ask to see what they might still need. If they have received everything they think they need, check their registry again, something may have been left off. Then if everything is pretty well covered you might consider the gift of cash. Cash will always be put to good use. They may even receive enough cash to put a down payment on their new home, or use it towards their honeymoon. If all else fails, they can use cash to purchase things they forgot to put on their registry and didn't receive.

If you wish to give the couple something a little more modern, a gift from the technology field will be sure to be appreciated and you will receive a huge thank you. Gaming systems, stereo equipment, and televisions are popular technology gifts for newly married couples.