Wedding Gift Amount

Marriage is the most memorial and important day of one's life; gifts for this occasion must be bought very sensibly. The important things that need consideration while buying a wedding gift are you budget, your relation with the bride/groom and where the wedding is going to take place. For instance if the wedding is in another town, as you would be spending anyways a lot on travelling, in this case you can buy something sweet, useful and small keeping your budget in mind. Things like a perfume set, photo frame, and a showpiece etc, something which won't cost you much.

But if the weeding is in your same town and if your budget allows you to spend a little more, then you can buy something like a glass dinner set, elegant bed spreads, branded towel set that come with bath robes or any electronic items which are not very expensive.

Now this becomes a bit expensive if you're in close relation with the bride/groom. If you're the aunt/uncle or close family friend then things change a bit. Obviously you would have to gift something that's in your budget but at the same time something special. If you're running on a tight budget and just can't spend a lot of money you could buy something on EMI (monthly installments').

Though, you won't have much variety to choose from, as not all shops offer you monthly installments. However if you have a credit card that offers you this facility your options might increase. Mostly things like electronics can be easily bought on installments, digital camera, LCD T.V, home theater system, microwave oven, handicam etc.

However, if you not on a budget then there are many options for you to buy the best wedding gift for your loved one. A honeymoon package would just be a perfect gift for anyone; they not only will love it but will always remember this lovely gesture. Jewelry is another best option and most women love diamonds; you could buy a small diamond pendent or a ring for the beautiful bride. Watches are needed by everyone; therefore a set of branded watch will always come in use for the newlyweds.

These were a few things that might help you figure out what the actual amount should be for a wedding gift.