Wedding Gift For Bride

Wedding are occasions of festivity and celebrations. There are many traditions and rituals connected with the weddings. One of the many traditions connected with a wedding are the bridal shower wedding gift tradition. The bridal shower ritual is nothing but a tradition called by many different names in different nations. In the UK they call it as the bridal favour, and other names like the hope chest derived from the Native Americans etc are all references found in history.

The bridal shower is just a congregation of all the friends and relatives of the bride who present her with wedding gifts. These bridal showers are arranged at the home of the bride's mother. The bride's mother sees to it in advance about 2 or 3 months prior to the event, that the relatives and friends are informed about the bride's wish list of the wedding gifts. The guests then bring these wedding gifts for the bride, in accordance with the tradition.

So the wedding gift for the bride is some item out of the bridal wedding gift list. The usual stuff in the list is the electronic goods, which are used about the house and the kitchen on a daily basis. Guest who are lot looking to refer to the wedding gift list, can also opt for their own choice of gifts. The best option in the non traditional category is how ever cash gifts. These monetary gifts can be of great use to the couple in permitting them the freedom to use the money in which ever way they want.

The monetary gifts can also be used to fund the couple's honey moon escape or to fund a week end getaway or a week's stay at a vacation resort. The choice of using the money received as the wedding gift for the bride is entirely upon the couple.

The other options for the wedding gift for the bride are definitely the jewellery, diamond or gold set of jewellery, the platinum range in the jewellery which is the latest fad. The additional options are again personalized stuff like accessories in leather like personalized totes and personalized bags, watches, personalized photo frames set in either sterling silver or pewter. Also there are numerous options with silver like silver tea and cup sets, silver coasters, and silver vases etc. Roses set in sterling silver can also be used as excellent wedding gifts for the bride.