Wedding Gift Ideas

Although it is a new tradition the bride and groom giving small presents to the wedding guests has become very popular in recent years. The gifts usually small and inexpensive but they are serving to make weddings a memorable event for everyone included. If this is something you had planned for your own wedding you want to select something that all of your guests will enjoy and a the same time give the whole event a professional look so no one leaves the ceremony without being awed by the amount of planning and detailed care that you gave.

One of the nicest gifts that you can present to your guests is a basket of soaps and shampoos. You can add things like bath beads and bath salts and the soaps can be dressed up with individual packaging and the soaps can even be individually personalized with each guests name and maybe a short message. The great thing about these using soap products is that they will look great and give the whole area a very pleasant smell.

Another great offering for your wedding guests are book marks. While it is not common to use these as wedding favors they are actually quite attractive and useful at the same time. Most people have some sort of books, from novels to nonfiction to photo albums and memory books and using old tattered pieces of paper to mark their place is unattractive. Many book marks are made of high quality materials and are done up in very nice designs that can even be personalized with the guests names or the theme of the wedding.

I do not know anyone who doesn't enjoy exquisitely scented candles. Candles can be molded and shaped to fit any theme or personality and like soaps they can also be personalized. You can choose any thing from a rose ball to white votive candles to something that will perfectly match the weddings theme. And, like soaps or flowers these candles will give off a very pleasant aroma that can only enhance the whole experience.