Wedding Gift List

Wedding gift lists are few of the things of interest during the arrangement of a wedding -- what can be more amusing than putting together a catalogue of gifts for your self? But these wedding gift lists are a sure shot way of ensuring that you get the presents you really want and need, and in addition to it are enormously realistic too.

What is the need to prefer a gift list?

The complicatedness many pairs have to deal with is pondering about the pros and cons of the desire of your guests, who want their individually selected gifts to be acceptable, with your wish to obtain presents that you really want and need. No one wishes or even requires 5 coffee machines and 7 table lamps, so a straightforward, no-nonsense way of getting what you covet is by putting up a gift list.

Those desiring to purchase you a gift can subsequently decide on a stuff they know is essential and will be acceptable. It is significant to keep in mind that there is not anything incorrect or audacious with including a wedding list. But you need to maintain the basic etiquette of not trying to dump the wedding list on to your wedding invitees forcibly.

Category of gift lists

Traditional lists

A traditional wedding list means you have the mother of the bride sending out the wish list or the wedding list to the invitees at least 2 or 3 months earlier to the wedding. The wedding gift list will encompass all the relevant details like the specifications of the products asked for, the model number or the color and the function specifications etc. the list can then be returned after the guest decides to select some item on the list. The selected item needs to be marked off in order to avoid confusion and getting the same stuff again through another guest at the wedding.

Wedding gift lists managed by the stores

This seems to be a popular method nowadays because every one seems to prefer this one. Here the department stores themselves take on the role of the bride's mother. They prepare a wedding list and offer their personalized services which ensures that the items on the list are available at their stores and also that the items which are selected by the invitees are not sold again to other guests.

Online wedding list:

This is also a very practical and the most popular method preferred by both the guest and the bride's family. The department store can put the wedding list online for your convenience and the guest can also view it online at leisure and select accordingly.