Wedding Gift Poems

Today's world is a world of short term commitments and quick relationships. Among these, marriage lasting till a golden anniversary, silver anniversary or even a few years is a rare occurrence. In this context, wedding renewals take on a great importance in a couple's life.

The entire concept of wedding vows is to cement the relationship between the husband and wife, to make it deeper and more meaningful. Words used during these ceremonies are very powerful and meaningful, and contribute towards making the marriage last longer and be happier.

It is understandable why marriages are difficult to maintain for a long period of time. After all, after a few years, a married life is a life of habit, predictability and absolutely no surprises. In order to break through this barrier, a couple John Gottman discovered, has to show deliberate affection towards each other so as to freshen up their relationship and add new romance to their lives. Anniversary poetry, thus, makes this form of expression very unique and very meaningful.

Poems can touch the heart in a way nothing else can. Poetry can convey emotions in a meaningful and beautiful way. It need not be complex, in fact, the simpler it is, the more touching it can be. There is no necessity to rhyme either. Simple poems, such as sonnets or ballads, can reach the better half's heart and make the relationship more unique and meaningful.

The best way to begin writing a poem is to first remember the happiest memories with your spouse and write down every single detail about it in a sheet of paper. Everything from the way the person looked, to the clothes, the food, the weather, the setting - all of these can be used.

Second, find out the importance of those memories, the meanings that you associate with them, and then compare them to the meanings you associate with them in the present. Have they grown better? Inform your spouse if so. Tell him or her how much deeper your relationship has become.

Third, and most important - do not force yourself. Be natural, write from the bottom of your heart, Don't worry about the final product because if it is genuine, there is absolutely no doubt that your spouse will love it. Don't try to force rhymes - if it comes naturally, go with it, if it doesn't, write what ever your heart tells you to.

Words have incredible power to convey feelings, and use them to your best advantage whilt composing wedding anniversary poems to tell your spouse of your love.