Wedding Gifts Cards

There will be those guests that are going to bring you cards or envelopes with money in them for your wedding. You need to plan to have a specific place for these cards and envelopes to be collected during your wedding reception. Usually, there are special boxes, bags, or baskets to hold the cash gifts that will keep them safe until you or your bridesmaid can collect them.

The number of cash envelopes and cards you receive on your wedding day will depend on the customs of your community and your family. A nice, fancy, white, fabric bag designed to hold cash gifts might be exactly what you need if it is a custom for your family to give cash at weddings. It is very easy and fun to make your own gift card bag. You will need a piece of pretty bridal fabric, like silk in the color of your gown, which is large enough to make a large pouch style bag from. Basically, all you need to do is sew together two circles of cloth for strength into a round bag with a silk cord running around the edge like a drawstring. You can then decorate the bag with silk cord remnants, beads, flowers, pearls, or pieces of lace. Perhaps you would prefer to have a cluster of crystals or other jewels added to the cord will prevent it from pulling through the fabric.

Other couples prefer to have a box or basket for collecting their card gifts, placed in the reception venue. If you choose a basket remember it will not have a lid. A box with a lid might provide a better sense of security. Some couples simply purchase the box of their choice that is specifically made for this purpose. It is, however, very simple to create your own. Use a sturdy box that has a lid in whatever size you choose, cut a slit in the lid, making sure it is big enough to allow large cards to fall through easily. Using pretty white or silver wedding wrapping paper, cover the lid to make it attractive, you will need to wrap the lid and the box separately and fit them snugly together. You can then add some embellishments such as lace, flowers, or lace appliqu?s. You may also cover your box with fabric, whatever fits your taste.

Whatever you choose to collect those cards and envelopes isn't important. The most important part is opening all the cards and envelopes when you and your new spouse are alone, together, as Mr. and Mrs.